Friday, September 10, 2010

this day

an eighteen hour work day.

some days are just like that.
and it's good.
I'd rather have eighteen hour days than zero hour days.

the bling:
a twenty carat aquamarine. right next to my grandma's one carat diamond.
thanks, Gram.

Monday, September 6, 2010

he and me, me and he

the love story of my life.

I want everything good for him. happiness. security. peace.
never a moment of self doubt. never a shadow of unhappiness.

growing up isn't easy. everyone struggles over something or other, as we grow and learn who we are.

this boy and I went on a drive over the weekend. it was a drive I have waned to take him on for years now. to show him a few select, beautiful places that have left their imprint on my heart and soul.

the drive from Tomales Bay to Point Reyes Station, then from Inverness through Samuel P. Taylor State Park to San Anselmo. if you have never been, it is a lovely drive. if you took this drive, and looked around with eyes and heart open, you would really understand who I am.
I would feel happy to share it with you.

the boy and I were able to relax with each other, which feels like a huge gift to my heart. we shared moments of laughter. in some ways, I am sorry I had not taken him before. but not really, because I know we were really waiting for the right moment. now.

::lipinsky's dachau::
in Inverness - over the sea
this is someone's home,
and it is so wonderful; I am in awe that it even exists

this is how I really feel

this pretty much sums up how I feel about my life and everything in it....