Saturday, March 6, 2010

these days

yesterday: I metalsmithed in flip flops (hey, I know it's a no-no)
and I worked on what is JUST POSSIBLY the coolest ring I have ever made

a wedge of tourmalated quartz tops a bold and modernist reliquary
on a wide band, with a super-smooth brushed finish

rough diamonds. twelve of them.
{{nope. I'm not kidding you}}

here are a few other treasures.
I also made a ring from a STUNNING 20 carat star ruby

today: I metalsmithed in ugg boots (chilly day)
and I worked on a (somewhat tedious) production project.

not quite as cool as yesterday, but still a joy to be doing what I love


  1. Wow you have some skills! That quartz "beacon" ring is stunning not to mention it has a wonderful secret :)

  2. chunky love!

    hey I decided to delete the section I wrote about chris and the hospital was might not be cool of me to retell those stories. I should think a little bit about that before I open my big fat mouth.

    in case it ever comes up in conversation...I didn't tell you ;)

  3. Ro - thanks! it was fun making something seamless like that... lots of filing & sanding & a labor of love :)

    richie - I know nothing.... you should come over & see the ring in person -- it is BIGGER in real life than the photos. on the verge of ridiculous, but somehow SUPERHOT. I think I need one for myself....