Saturday, January 9, 2010

every little thing is gonna be alright

three little birds on my doorstep

and a collection of rings in the shop {photo taken by Ian}


being back in the workshop yesterday after having been out for a while was.... different than I expected. my first project was a giant druzy ring I'd been working on since before the holidays. I'd just made the bezel beforehand, and yesterday attached the backplate. when I went to solder the band onto the setting, I overheated the backplate & melted two holes in the bezel, at places where I'd filed! ummm.... can I get a little mojo? please?

I guess every once in a while something like that is bound to happen... but I haven't had a piece not "go my way" in quite a while. grrrrr.......

and then I completed two lingering custom pieces, without a hitch.

and then I made this lovely BIRD RING,
using the face from an antique brooch that I've had about ten years & always wanted to do something special with.

so, everything turned out beautifully, after all.


  1. looking well...

  2. Love these birds! Todd recognized the Bob Marley reference right away... it was cute watching him sing out the lyrics :) Love the photo Ian took too, he's quite the photographer! Keep that mojo flowing :)


  3. Nothing but loving for that bird ring. And recycled too. Dang! xoxo