Thursday, January 21, 2010

flash flood

there was flooding in our neighborhood yesterday & though I sandbagged the door at the shop, water came in and flooded the floor in the studio.

luckily, the floors are refinished concrete. and water only pooled in the low spots (more in the retail area than in the workshop area). it could have been much worse.

we are busy with cleaning up.

I am wondering if anyone has good tips for drying out the now-moist environment, I am very concerned about my tools (precious peddinghaus hammers, my anvils, etc) rusting more than anything else.

tips? please?


  1. oh no!!!! all I can think is space heaters and a lot of fans.

    I hope it turns out okay!


  2. stay dry!! there are things you can buy and put in closets that absorb moisture. Maybe 10 of them would help?

    home depot sort of thing [or the hardware store next door to you may have them!]

    call if you need anything
    xo richie

  3. Oh noes! I heard the weather in Cali is kinda awful right now :( Hope the damage is minimal, be careful with the electrical stuff if it turns out to be too damp in there...


  4. You could put the tools you are worried about in a container of rice - the rice will absorb the moisture. (Note: I've not tried this with my own tools, but i've had great success with a cellphone that went swimming, so I can only assume it would work just as well for something that hasn't already been dropped in water.

  5. Hi neighbor, New to your blog sorry about the water ugh! steel and water are a horrible combo any bit of moisture and, rust. Rub them with oil like when you get them new.

    Nice to meet you!